Cleaning and oiling your machine

No matter what brand or model sewing machine you own, cleaning and oiling the sewing machine should be done on a regular basis.

Follow these easy steps:

  • Turn power off 
  • Remove presser foot and needle
  • Remove needle/stitch plate (if not sure, check your instruction manual)
  • Clean the area with the lint brush 

Then you can do the following:

  • Remove bobbin case
  • Push locking lever and remove hook (if not sure, check your instruction manual)

  • Clean out hook race with brush or cloth
  • Replace the hook
  • Close the hook race cover

  • Check by turning the hand wheel once
  • Insert bobbin case
  • Replace needle/stitch plate
  • Insert a new sewing needle
  • Squeeze 2 or 3 drops of oil into the hook race area
  • Run machine for short time without thread to prevent oil soiling your work

NB: Your machine may vary slightly from the pictures above. The principals of cleaning and oiling remain the same, so if unsure please check your sewing machine manual.

Last Tip of advice:

A general full machine service by a reputable agent, +/- every 2 years, should keep your machine in tip top working condition and give you endless hours of hassle free sewing.