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Juki TL-2300 Sumato (straight stitch) - New Model

Juki TL-2300 Sumato (straight stitch) - New Model

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NEW – Adoption of industrial needles – This sewing machine uses durable industrial needles. The wide range of needle sizes accepted (Nm.65 to Nm.110) ensures the versatile sewing of heavy- to light-weight materials.

For heavy-weight materials – This sewing machine is provided with a full range of functions for sewing heavy-weight materials such as leather, synthetic leather, denim, and canvas. With its stable feeding and consistent thread tension, the machine produces beautifully finished seams even when sewing with thick threads (thread counts of up to Tex:80)

Extra Thread Guide for Thick Fabrics – When sewing heavy-weight materials, the machine produces well-tensed seams without requiring significantly increased needle thread tension using thick threads for this thread guide.

Large hole Throat Plate for Thick Fabrics – This throat plate has a larger needle hole and deeper thread relief grooves. These features help prevent stitching failures and produce well-tensed seams when using a heavy-weight material and thick thread in combination.

Smooth Foot for Thick Fabrics – Deeper thread relief grooves on the reverse side of the smooth foot help produce well-tensed seams even when using thick thread. The sewing material slides steadily under the smooth foot without sticking, ensuring a steady sewing flow.

NEW – Float Function (micro-lifter) – Now equipped with the same mechanism as JUKI industrial sewing machines for preventing uneven sewing on quilts and velvet, as well as stretched stitches on knit fabrics. The presser foot floats 0 to 2 mm above the material, making it useful for sewing over thick seams.

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